Port to OS/2 PM of   by  Brian Paul

Mesa is a 3D multiplatform graphics library with an API which is very similar to that of OpenGL.

"WarpMesaGL" is current work name for port of original  Mesa 3D Graphics Library .
The name "Mesa" in OS/2 is currently used for  well-known spreadsheet under name "Mesa Spreadsheet"or "Mesa 2 Spreadsheet"  and logo , so "WarpMesaGL" is used to eliminate misunderstanding.

Pirmary goal of this project is to use OpenGL 3D in scientific and industrial CAD/CAM realtime applications.

Current state:  vers. alpha minus 1.6
Original Mesa version: 3.3 beta

WarpMesaGL can work:

PM GPI will work at any videomode, but I can't test all of them (hmm, I haven't  seen CGA or mono Hercules with Warp ;-) .  DIVE support needs  dive.dll as minimum, and may have problems in some videomodes such as 32K colors. DIVE is a bit faster and PM GPI is  a bit reliablier

Internal color representation is 24bit RGB in most cases and 32bit RGB for Matrox drivers

sphere - Spheremap test.

AApoly test
Morph3D demo


Hardware support:  there is no hardware support, but it is possible. If you know how to implement it with existing videodrivers or you are driver's developer, then mail to me.

Current limitations:

Near future plans (alpha minus 1.5):

Where to find it:
ftp.os2.spb.ru/pub/evg/WarpMesa-1.6 and
WWW page for WarpMesaGL

Comparison and small benchmark  of WarpMesaGL's and IBM's OpenGL  in different videomodes.
Bencnmark TriSPD

a-1.6 a-1.7a a-1.7

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port author info: Evgeny Kotsuba  laser.nictl@relcom.ru

Page was updated: 15 june 2000