Software development

WarpMesaGL    - open OpenGL for OS/2 PMNEW

DC Universal Russian codepage DeCoder and PmClico

Decodes from any Russian codepage to any with Auto Recognize and Last Chance options.
DC homepage

Calc.cmd - Cool russian people's calculator for REXX (589bytes) vers. 1.00.3 (121K)

3Demo is simple 3D application that demonstrate voxel graphics under OS/2 PM.

Russian electronic developer magazine (RDM) (Old)

Russian electronic developer magazine for OS/2 (RDM/2)(Russian language site)

Russian Warp Developer's FAQ v 0.10(112K) (Warp INF, CP866)

3Dglobe - Freeware 3D color voxel graphics representation of Earth and Moon for OS/2 3,4,5, (PII,64Mb RAM and graphics mode with more than 256 colors recomended)

STLPACK - Shareware compressor for STL files

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