Технологии быстрого прототипирования: лазерная стереолитография
Institute on Laser and Information Technologies (ILIT RAS)
Russian Academy of Sciences
Department of Informatics, Computer Equipment and Automatization

Rapid prototyping technologies: Laser Stereolithography

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Stereolithography for industry
Stereolithography for medicine

The whole RP family tree (Originally was placed at http://ltk.hut.fi/~koukka/RP/rptree.html)

Sience conference and seminares 

3-nd All-Russia seminar "Laser-computer technologies for complex form details manufacture" 25.06.99. IPLIT RAN, Shatura

First information message (russian)

2-nd All-Russia seminarLaser-computer technologies for complex form details manufacture" 3.06.97 (Russian)

Publication of seminar selected works was made in magazine "Opticheskaya technika" N1(13) 1998с.

Software for rapidprototyping

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