Laser System "IGUANA"

  • The system is intended for treatment of heart ischemia by method of transmyocardial laser revascularization (TMLR). The procedure employs laser radiation to vaporize holes in the muscle of the heart left ventricle in order to restore normal blood stream. As against the traditional technique of aortal-coronary bypass surgery, the TMLR method is more simple in use, less invasive and much lower in cost. 
  • The system has no analogs in Russia and in Europe, and surpasses in its technical characteristics the only similar system “Heart Laser” of the PLC Medical System company (USA)
    Beam wavelength, mm  10.6
    Max. beam power, kW 0.9 
    Beam structure single-mode 
    Output power control limits, J  3.5...140 
    Pulse duration, ms 4...100
    Required electric power, kW  
    average 0.1
    pulsed 9.0 
    Dimensions, m 8.00x9.20x2.08
    Weight, kg  240 
The CO2 laser beam is delivered to the heart via an articulated optical arm ending in a hand-piece that is pressed right against the surface of the beating heart. The laser pulse evaporizes a through hole of not more than 1 mm diameter in the myocardium with virtually no tissue necrosis

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